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Professional Experience


Licensed Psychologist, Private Practice: Covina/West Covina, CA

Inpatient and outpatient services: Individual psychotherapy; psychological and neuropsychological testing; assessing learning disabilities/ADHD; autism spectrum, dementia, brain injury disorders, and other brain impairments; Spanish services; supervision; consultations; disability evaluations; Workers’ Compensation evaluations; cognitive rehabilitation, functional assessments of behavior patients of all ages.


Consultant/Psychologist: Azusa Unified School District

Services included the assessment of intellectual, adaptive, and academic functioning of Spanish-speaking students, children, and adolescents; IEP participation and consultation with parents/teachers; diagnostic testing for developmental disabilities.



Licensed Psychologist: Lanterman Developmental Center, Pomona, CA

Acute Medical Facility; services included the assessment of intellectual, adaptive, and neuropsychological functioning of infants to adults with severe brain damage due to near-drowning accidents, various pre- and post- natal causes, head trauma, diseases, etc. Psychological services also offered to the staff and families of these medically fragile patients. Training UCLA interns in Neuropsychology, Psychology Department Chairperson.

5/90- 5/92

Clinical Director: Charter Counseling Center, Chino Hills, CA

Inpatient/outpatient services included psychological testing-all ages; individual, marital, and family psychotherapy; critical incident debriefing. Directorship duties: Supervision of interns and psychological assistants, marketing, consultation to schools, community education programs. Direct and indirect services for psychiatric hospitals.

9/87- 3/01

Licensed Psychologist: Lanterman Developmental Center, Pomona, CA

Services include developing behavior modification programs for self-abusive, aggressive institutionalized patients with severe to profound mental retardation, autistic and brain-damaged adults. Intelligence testing and adaptive functioning assessments; director of psychology training; interdisciplinary team program development for sensory-deprived patients; staff/peer training; functional analysis of behavior assessments; behavioral management committee participation.

7/85- 2/88

Registered Psychological Assistant: Post Doctoral, Walnut/San Dimas, CA

Supervisors: George Bishara, Ph.D., Adib Bitar, M.D.

Inpatient/outpatient services included diagnostic personality, and intelligence testing – all ages, ethnically diverse; individual, family, and group psychotherapy; biofeedback; treatment planning and case management; director of Employees; Assistance Program; education programs, neuropsychological training.